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Based on Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs’ Chiefs in Assembly Resolution JUL-13.08 Re: Interim Manitoba First Nations Health Incorporated Entity to Pursue Tripartite Collaboration for a Unified Health System: THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Chiefs in Assembly approve the following interim corporate entity: Manitoba First Nations Interim Health Secretariat (with the Chiefs in Assembly as the membership of the Incorporated entity and the Chiefs Task Force on Health to be the Board of Directors).


The goal of the First Nations Health & Social Secretariat of Manitoba (FNHSSM) is for First Nations in Manitoba to have increased opportunities to participate in: the planning & development of a Unified Health System in Manitoba; the influence of regional and national health policy, health systems and program development in areas including, but not limited to, health consultation, maternal child health, e-Health/Panorama, youth suicide, mental health, inter-governmental health, health & social determinants of health, health research, web-based home & community care training, health governance, and infrastructure support.



The FNHSSM will work with the 63 AMC member First Nations in Manitoba, 7 tribal councils, and the 3 PTOs in Manitoba, and it is structured and mandated to pursue tripartite collaboration for a unified health system in Manitoba. The FNHSSM was created in 2014 and functions under the direction of the FNHSSM Board of Directors and the FNHSSM membership. It will provide regular updates to the AMC Executive Council of Chiefs (ECC).

The objectives of the FNHSSM are to carry out business in the areas of health and social development for First Nations in Manitoba that are founded in the Treaty and inherent right to health and that are culturally appropriate, holistic, and community-based. To these ends, it will:

  • Develop strategies and initiatives to promote and increase the participation of First Nations in Manitoba in the control and delivery of health;

  • Pursue tripartite collaboration for a unified health system in Manitoba;

  • Promote understanding of the health and social issues that affect First Nations through partnerships, research, and collaboration;

  • Affirm, protect, and incorporate First Nations traditional knowledge and wellness practices; and,

  • Provide innovative programs and services for the well-being of Manitoba’s First Nations communities and individuals regardless of their place of residency.



The FNHSSM mission is to support MFNs in achieving & maintaining total well-being by:

  • Developing innovative PROGRAM & POLICY DEVELOPMENT that incorporates best practices and that supports First Nations communities in the delivery of high quality holistic services;

  • Upholding & PROTECTING the indigenous values and systems that reflect and respect the voice and knowledge of First Nations people and communities;

  • Supporting EDUCATION & TRAINING that supports service delivery in First Nations communities, including governance, financial services, planning, and evaluation; and,

  • Supporting First Nations controlled and administered RESEARCH and EVALUATION that informs government and leadership decisions.



Within the FNHSSM, all department managers will report to the Executive Director, who will report to the FNHSSM Board of Directors. The Chairperson will provide regular updates to the ECC and will report, at least annually, to the FNHSSM membership who are the chiefs of the 63 first nations in Manitoba for guidance, support and direction. Externally, the Executive Director will report to all funding bodies as outlined in funding arrangements.

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