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Intergovernmental Committee on Manitoba First Nation Health

The Intergovernmental Committee on Manitoba First Nations Health (ICMFNH) is the first step for federal, provincial and First Nation governments to work collaboratively to address First Nation health priorities. The goal of the ICMFNH is to address key issues affecting the health and well-being of First Nations citizens. The ICMFNH works to achieve this goal through developing innovative and sustainable strategies and solutions to ensure equity of health outcomes comparable to that of other Canadians.

The ICMFNH consists of three levels; the Grand Chief & Ministerial level, the Senior Official Steering Committee and the Technical Working Group, all of which have representatives from First Nations, federal, and provincial governments. The Senior Official Steering Committee establishes strategic priorities for the Technical Working Group which sets the direction for the work plans and strategic plan.

The SOSC functions as an instrument for:

  • Information sharing and dissemination of information

  • Advocacy for change

  • Partnership and respect

  • Priority setting

The members of the Technical Working Group have been appointed by their respective departments to participate in the ICMFNH process. It is the role of each member to bring their knowledge and expertise in the area of First Nation health and the programs and policies within their respective organizations to: undertake ongoing problem solving; share information; and coordinate efforts to improve health outcomes for First Nations people.


Based on government-to-government relations, the Intergovernmental Committee on Manitoba First Nations Health (ICMFNH) will identify key issues, investigate, and inform policy makers and decision makers to act on sustainable strategies and solutions, and explore opportunities to ensure First Nation health and well-being outcomes are comparable to other Canadians.




Tracy Thomas

Administrative Assistant

Amanda Meawasage - ICMFNH.jpg

Amanda Meawasige

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Marsha Simmons

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