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WEBINAR: Cree and Blackfoot Birthing: Supporting the Trajectory of our Spirit

Upcoming World Indigenous Suicide Prevention Webinar Series

Cree and Blackfoot Birthing: Supporting the Trajectory of our Spirit

Thursday, October 29, 2020

3:30 - 4:30 PM CST


Stephanie Sinclair, Tara Petti, Chyloe Healy, Valentina McKay


Historically First Nation children were born on the land and delivered by the women in our communities. In the 1970s the efforts to decrease maternal mortality and morbidity in the general population lead to a move towards hospital deliveries for all women. By the 1980s essentially all deliveries occurred outside of the community. Currently, traveling for birth is a typical experience for many First Nation women in Canada from remote and rural communities. This has resulted in many negative effects for the mother, child and her family and has disrupted the transmission of Indigenous knowledge to support families as they welcome new members into the nation.

In this webinar, the Supporting the Trajectory of our Spirit Team (which partnered with Cree and Blackfoot communities, in Manitoba and Alberta) will share the journey of the partnership, the goals and steps going forward as they work and support each other in developing a pathway to examine the question: How do cultural, spiritual, land-based and community connections from the time of birth impact the health and wellness of our children as defined by our nations? Both the Cree and Blackfoot are currently working on developing nation-based indicators that can measure the strengths of our unique nations to follow the trajectory of children born with the support of a culturally trained birth helper.

Join us in discussing the journey of returning to the practices of our Cree and Blackfoot children being born on our ancestral land, surrounded by family, language, and ceremonies.

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