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YOUTH HOPE FUND: Call For Proposals for Mental Wellness & Crisis Response Teams supporting Youth

For Mental Wellness and Crisis Response Teams Supporting Youth with Life Promotion Activities & Services


The maximum amount available to each successful Mental Wellness Team is $15,000.

APPLICATION PERIOD: October 23, 2020 to November 13, 2020 @ 11:59pm EST AMOUNT AVAILABLE: Maximum $15,000 per successful Mental Wellness Teams (only 10 will be awarded) ELIGIBLE PARTICIPANTS: First Nation Mental Wellness Teams

FPWC intends to support the continued evidence of Mental Wellness Teams who provide culturally based support and services to First Nation communities as part of its mandate to ensure access to a comprehensive network of supports. We recognize that Mental Wellness Team have worked with youth in the area of life promotion using First Nation knowledge and evidence, including cultural practices and land-based activities. Funding will support 10 Mental Wellness Teams, ideally only one per province and/or territory, to enhance the services offered to youth in First Nation communities by investing in existing or ongoing activities that promote life.

Funding Objectives

Funding will support Mental Wellness Teams with existing youth projects or services implementing the following actions:

1. Youth led and youth driven activities that promote leadership, address issues of relevance to youth, and develop youth skills and abilities.

2. Land-based or cultural activities for youth that support healthy First Nation identity.

3. Activities that ensure respect, inclusivity and equity for all youth members within the community.

4. Demonstrate outcomes of hope, belonging, meaning and purpose as defined in the First Nation Mental Wellness Continuum Framework.

5. A group of engaged youth seeking to contribute to youth and/or community mental wellness.


Understanding youth projects and services may have very different needs in terms of expenses, below is a guideline only on what funds can and cannot support. Providing details describing why the funding is required for specific expenses will allow us to better understand the need.

Eligible Expenses

Funding can support but is not limited to:

• Purchase of equipment

• Honoraria for individuals providing Traditional and/or Cultural knowledge sharing

• Meals, accommodations, and fuel

• Other expenses that may contribute to the continuance of the program or service after funding is expended

Ineligible Expenses

Funding cannot be used to support:

• Salary, administration fees or payroll

• Rent, monthly subscriptions or monthly fees (i.e. internet, cellphone, etc.…)

• Other expenses that do not relate directly to the project or the continuance of the program or service after funding is expended

Application Requirements

Funding proposal for the Youth Hope Fund must include:

-An introduction of your Mental Wellness Team which includes but not limited to;

• Applicant Name (Individual completing the application)

• Mental Wellness Team Name, Address and PTO if applicable

• Mental Wellness Team Members and their positions First Nations your team serves

-A brief description of the types of supports and services your team provides to communities. 2 Letters of Support; 1 from a Youth Representative & 1 from leadership in one of the communities your team serves.

-A detailed description of the youth project or service you will using the funds to support and must include but not limited to:

• The number of youths anticipated to participate,

• how youth will be engaged in life promotion and/or leadership activities based in First Nation knowledge, evidence and practice.

• how the key elements of FNMWC Framework will guide the design of the project,

• identify partners and how they will contribute to the project,

• how the project will meet key areas targeted in the 2016 Calls to Action document,

• how will you endure sustainability for the project beyond funding and,

• how you will determine the success of the project.

-Detailed budget of how funding will be expended.

-The funding proposal must identify how enhanced funding can support further growth in the project, increase youth capacity and/or leadership skills or improve youth mental wellness.

Additional Information

Projects that can support youth to address mental wellness needs during COVID will be given a priority.

Project support will be directed toward enhancing youth engagement, youth gathering (particularly virtually) and youth led activities.

All funded projects will be supported by FPWC to develop a video production, an electronic and/or hard copy description of the youth project that will be publicly distributed through our Community of Practice.

There is also a potential nomination to the Wise Practice website, highlighting a wise practice in youth life promotion. For more information:


By submitting a funding proposal for the Youth Hope Fund, you are agreeing to:

• providing a detailed final report to FPWC no later than April 30, 2021; a template will be provided to successful applicants,

• be supported by FPWC to develop a video production, an electronic and/or hard copy description of the approved funded youth project and allow FPWC to publicly distribute the production of the youth project on the FPWC Community of Practice.

Mental Wellness Teams are invited to submit their funding proposals for the Youth Hope Fund clearly demonstrating how they meet all the proposal requirements by email to:

Anne Duquette

Subject header: YOUTH HOPE FUND

A confirmation of receipt will be sent once received.

If you do not receive acknowledgement of receipt then your submission was not received.

Deadline for proposals: November 13, 2020

Click on link below for full proposal details and application requirements:

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