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Since 1998, the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) Chiefs-in-Assembly supported the mandate for the Health Information Research Governance Committee (HIRGC), as the First Nations research ethics board. In 2019, the Manitoba Chiefs-in-Assembly revised the mandate for HIRGC to authorize HIRGC to act as:

i.    the gatekeeper of First Nations data at a regional level;


ii.   the advisory body to offer guidance to research carried out on a regional basis, including reviewing applications

      from First Nations or academic researchers or consultants; and,

iii.   the body to ensure that respectful research for and by First Nations is carried out according to these principles:

  1. Free prior informed consent on a collective and individual basis;

  2. First Nations OCAP® principles so that First Nations have Ownership, Control, Access, and Possession of their own data and information;

  3. First Nations ethical standards, whether Cree, Dakota, Dene, Anishininiwak (Oji-Cree) or Anishinaabe (Ojibway); and

  4. Benefits to First Nations.


The members of the FNHSSM Annual Membership Meeting mandate FNHSSM Research Department to support HIRGC in their revised mandate.

HIRGC Members Include:


Tribal Council Health Directors (North and South), First Nations Director of Health/Education/Economic Development (North and South), First Nations Academic Advisor (North and South), First Nations Advisor (Environment and Socio-Economic Issues), in addition an Elder/Knowledge Keeper and Youth.

Questions about research that involves First Nations in Manitoba

Questions about research that involves First Nations in Manitoba and need clarification on whether approval is needed by HIRGC. Are you looking for advice, letter of support, partnership and collaboration, data linkage, and other questions related to First Nations in Manitoba; please contact the Research Ethics Coordinator.

For Further information, please contact:

Vanessa Tait, Research Ethics Coordinator or Leanne Gillis, Community Liaison/Administrative Support at

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