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“As Indigenous People we have always done research, always searched for understanding, ways of being and knowing the world around us in order to survive. We just didn’t call it ‘research”                              

- (Chief Norman Bone, Keeseekoowenin First Nation)

From surveys to interviews, sharing circles, testimonials, to analyzing population health statistics, to documenting history- this is First Nations data. The Chiefs determined by Resolution Jan.07-01 that is entrenched in the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs’ Constitution that research with First Nations must follow these conditions:

  1. Free, prior and informed consent, through Chief and Council or First Nation organization authority,

  2. First Nations OCAP Principles, that First Nations have Ownership, Control, Access and Possession of their own data,

  3. First Nations Ethical Standards, whether that be Dakota, Dene, Ininiw, Anishinaabe or Assinininew.


More and more, First Nations are designing our own research, gathering data, and analyzing and interpreting this information from First Nations’ perspectives. No longer are First Nations subjects of research but we are leaders and partners in research. 


The Social Development and Research Initiatives area covers the following:

  • First Nations Labour and Economic Development (FNLED) Survey

  • Health Information and Research and Governance Committee (HIRGC)

  • Innovation Supporting Transformation in Community-based Primary Healthcare Research Project (iPHIT)

  • Other Research and Projects

  • Regional Early Childhood, Education & Employment Survey (FNREEES or REEES)

  • Regional Health Survey (RHS)

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